Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a new home isn't easy and you've likely got questions to ask. See a list of the most asked questions below.

We have built homes in all of Western North Carolina. 

When on the market, we offer move-in ready homes in certain areas. Check out the for sale link to see a list of our current move-in ready homes.

The first step is to contact a builder or have your current builder reach out to our team at Cardinal Homes here:

There are many other advantages to Modular Home Construction. Cost is a major factor. You’ll get much more space for your money. Time is another important factor. Your home will be completed within 1 to 3 months. Last, but certainly not least, is quality. In a controlled, indoor environment, we can protect the material used for the building of your new home from weather and any other outside factors, which results in superior construction. Your home will never be subject to the elements like rain, snow, and ice, ensuring a durable, energy efficient home.

Our homes are like any other consumer product, and from time to time there are issues.

We will repair any defects of craftsmanship for 1-year from the purchase of our Spec-built homes.  This does not cover any damages from normal wear-and-tear or issues created by customer neglect.

We own a modular manufacturer called Cardinal Homes in Virginia that will take your order directly and provide you with support and other key information.